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In my private practice I follow the guidelines and regulations set forth by the Office Fédéral de la Santé Public (OFSP Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland) maintaining a high level of hygiene and protection at all times. I continue to monitor and change accordingly to announcements made. My practice is large enough to maintain a safe distance greater than the recommended one if a client would like this. A hand sanitiser is available to disinfect your hands as soon as you come into the room. There is a gap between sessions and the room is aired between each appointment. 


Coronavirus has effected a lot of peoples' way of life, especially their mental health. It has changed our usual routine that may have guided our day - to - day and increased the amount of stress, anxiety and worry we have. This can be particularly challenging for families and couples that need to adjust to this new 'working from home' and 'online education'. It can bring about overwhelming feelings of sadness, anger, loneliness, confusion and even triggering other losses or previous traumas. These uncertain times are not easy to cope with, which is why self-care and connection are so important. Look after your health. Eating well and maintaining some form of exercise can help us stay mentally and physically fit. Try and stay connected with loved ones, even if that means a little more extra time in front of screens. Be kind to yourself, take the time needed to do things that make you feel happy and bring you some calmness. Take time to breathe and get some fresh air. 

Speak to people around you that are most likely experiencing similar feelings. Most importantly if you feel that these feelings are becoming unmanageable please get in touch.  

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